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“Cognitive Pharma Machinery” line, which includes the new granulator H-POT (Haptic-Pot) and the blender A-TUMBLER (Autonomy-Tumbler), involves thirty years of experience in the design and manufacture of process machines, combined with the highest expression of control technology based on the application of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and neural networks.

The fusion of these elements has allowed Luperini to present a series of machines able to control the process dynamics, able to manage the variables in real time and able to make decisions independently, achieving zero tolerance and total efficiency in real time.

This technology allows the replication and optimization of each process, adapting the formula automatically in anticipation of the given endpoint, significantly reducing process time, costs, and waste.

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  • Our technology is a key element in the implementation of PAT guidelines for oral drug manufacture, and will be crucial to achieve Pharma 4.0 model in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

    Marco Luperini, CTO of Luperini
  • We are proud to announce the successful results of the Cognitive Pharma Machinery line research and development. Our partnership with an innovative software company has allowed us to create a technology that will revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry.

    Massimo Lungone, CEO of Luperini

    Cognitive Pharma Machinery

    The revolution in the pharmaceutical industry

    • Real Time

      Quality check data analysis

      The H-POT granulator and the A-TUMBLER blender are equipped with NIR spectrography sensors and touch sensors that offer an incredible amount of data per second to the system. This design, in line with PAT (Process Analytical Technology) and QbD (Quality by Design), performs a real process control in real time.

    • Real Time

      Monitored procedures

      The data, processed by the real-time control, is converted into actions that H-POT and A-TUMBLER implement to achieve precise goals. The speed at which data is analyzed and processed, in combination with algorithms that learn and build predictive models, allow to identify and solve problems or anomalies during the process, ensuring complete control.

    • Total Accuracy


      H-POT and A-TUMBLER work towards precise goals, such as endpoint and process optimization. The endpoint is obtained thanks to the control of the process dynamics in real time, and algorithms that can build predictive models.

    • Cost


      H-POT and A-TUMBLER learn from every process and every variable they handle.
      Endpoint research and self-learning ability through neural networks, lead to increase production, reduce time and save energy.

    • Adaptability


      H-POT and A-TUMBLER automatically adapt to work with different powder formulations, reducing preparation and processing time.

    • Scalability


      H-POT and A-TUMBLER are able to implement the scale-up independently, significantly reducing the time and cost of such activity, while maintaining the endpoint goal. Granulators and mixers can be interconnected with any Cognitive machine, sharing the experience gained on a process already optimized, immediately allowing in this way to perfectly reproduce the same process, and the same final quality of the product.

    AI Machinery

    Pharmatech future inside


    (Haptic-Pot) - Granulator.

    It has unique characteristics: it is able to guarantee maximum efficiency during the entire granulation process, to understand the dynamics and manage the variables in real time, significantly reducing production errors.
    It is no longer the machine that performs a process, but the machine becomes the process itself.

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    (Authonomy - Tumbler) - Blender.

    Thanks to its advanced technology, the use of sensors able to provide product data in real time, combined with controlled movements of the container, our blender ensures maximum homogeneity and efficiency during the mixing process.

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      About us

      The partnership between Luperini and a prominent software company is committed to providing innovative solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. The development of Cognitive Pharma Machinery is a significant step towards achieving this goal.

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      Luperini is a leading manufacturer of tailored-made pharmaceutical machinery for solid dosage forms, including HSWG wet granulators and complete handling systems for powder or granules. Committed to quality, flexibility and innovation, the company aims to help customers achieve greater efficiency, precision, and savings in their production processes.

      The software company partner, on the other hand, is an innovative start-up that develops advanced control systems based on artificial intelligence algorithms and predictive control.
      The company adopts artificial intelligence transformation and use its ability to intersect data-based methods, applied optimization, engineering and physics, to increase knowledge in particle technology and, in particular, in granulation technologies.