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Since 2010 Luperini Group is a consolidated, dynamic and organized structure to interface with the pharmaceutical industry and other important sectors of industrial production.

Made in excellence made in Luperini

The three brands Luperini Tailored Pharma Machinery, Luperini Qualified Pharma Service and Luperini Qualified Tech & Service operate on a shared ground made of technological know-how, strong innovative drive, research of the highest quality of product and service, willingness to customize solutions.

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Luperini Brands dedicated to the pharma industry capitalize on the historical competence of a team with strong experience in this sector.

logo Luperini Tailored Pharma Machinery

Luperini – Tailored Pharma Machinery

The Tailored Pharma Machinery proposes customized technologies with great affordability and accuracy.

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logo Luperini Qualified Pharma Service

Luperini Qualified Pharma Service

Luperini Qualified Pharma Service gives a complete range of excellent services: revamping and validation of existing machines and installations, spare parts and consulting, as well as ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

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Luperini Qualified Tech & Service offers an articulated service activity for the integration, maintenance and installation of production plants for different industrial sectors, among which the Tissue one stands out.

logo Luperini Qualified Tech Service

Luperini – Qualified Tech Service

Thanks to a facility of 5000 sqm, Luperini Qualified Tech & Service is able to offer customers a highly qualified service of pre-assembly of plants as well as carry out inspections and tests to secure the customers’ investment.

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The APPENDAUN lifting column is a machine designed to lift bins and drums, move them to the feeding or unloading position of machines such as compressors, tablet counting machines, packaging machines, capsule filling machines, granulators, etc. Also ideal for bringing pneumatic conveyors, calibrators, etc., into working position. APPENDAUN can be supplied with a mixing function.

APPENDAUN can lift, mix, position, feed and unload. It can be used to feed compressor-type machines, to mix and discharge into other containers or simply to calibrate products in line.

The basic version of the Appendaun column allows easy lifting and lowering of the BIN or drum. In addition to the basic version, more powerful units are available that allow the rotation of the BIN and drums by 180°, either manually or fully automatically. In addition to the aforementioned features, it is possible to add the mixing function with 360° rotation (mixing version) before unloading. The perfect sealing and surface treatment make it particularly suitable for sterile environments.

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      appendaun C fusti polveri

      The Luperini I-DRUM powder drum, can be handled with the APPENDAUN and I-DRUM MIXER

      appendaun C bin

      BIN for tablets and capsules, Luperini I-TABLET BIN, can be handled with the APPENDAUN


      • High flexibility to adapt to the needs of different powder and granule handling systems
      • Very slim body for better impact within the layout
      • Platform can be customised to accommodate different BINs, drums or other equipment on request
      • GMP design, with special seal that prevents communication between technical and process areas. The machine is suitable for sterile applications.
      • ATEX compliant
      • Manual or motorised axial rotation
      • Certified fall prevention safety system installed on every Luperini lifting machine.
      • 21 CFR Part 11
      • Siemens PLC, other types on request.
      • HMI
      • Possibility of installing the APPENDAUN column on a transportable frame with wheels

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