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Since 2010 Luperini Group is a consolidated, dynamic and organized structure to interface with the pharmaceutical industry and other important sectors of industrial production.

Made in excellence made in Luperini

The three brands Luperini Tailored Pharma Machinery, Luperini Qualified Pharma Service and Luperini Qualified Tech & Service operate on a shared ground made of technological know-how, strong innovative drive, research of the highest quality of product and service, willingness to customize solutions.

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Luperini Brands dedicated to the pharma industry capitalize on the historical competence of a team with strong experience in this sector.

logo Luperini Tailored Pharma Machinery

Luperini – Tailored Pharma Machinery

The Tailored Pharma Machinery proposes customized technologies with great affordability and accuracy.

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logo Luperini Qualified Pharma Service

Luperini Qualified Pharma Service

Luperini Qualified Pharma Service gives a complete range of excellent services: revamping and validation of existing machines and installations, spare parts and consulting, as well as ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

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Luperini Qualified Tech & Service offers an articulated service activity for the integration, maintenance and installation of production plants for different industrial sectors, among which the Tissue one stands out.

logo Luperini Qualified Tech Service

Luperini – Qualified Tech Service

Thanks to a facility of 5000 sqm, Luperini Qualified Tech & Service is able to offer customers a highly qualified service of pre-assembly of plants as well as carry out inspections and tests to secure the customers’ investment.

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Luperini Qualified Pharma Service represents the excellence of the Luperini Group, with a range of services of the highest quality dedicated to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

  • Upgrading and revamping of active systems
  • Supply and installation of spare parts and components
  • Consulting on industrial process organisation and management
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work on active systems

Luperini Qualified Pharma Service relies on a solid, dynamic and well-articulated organisation, with deep-rooted experience and in-depth knowledge of the specific nature of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Luperini Qualified Pharma Service acts to provide customers with highly qualified services to enhance, maximise and certify the productivity of their plants.

Luperini Qualified Pharma Service

Luperini Qualified Pharma Service’s activities consist mainly of the area of intervention dedicated to technology of its own design and construction for granulation, mixing and handling processes and that dedicated to Zanchetta technology, which is still active and present worldwide in the pharmaceutical sector.


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The Luperini Qualified Pharma Service team has a deep-rooted knowledge of the sector: many of the staff working here today have more than 30 years’ experience. A dynamic, multidisciplinary team with a long track record of successful interventions all over the world.

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The manufacturer's DNA

The manufacturer’s know-how, also inherited from the experience of Zanchetta, adds value to Luperini Qualified Pharma Service and enables it to provide answers that are truly effective and that solve the problems and critical issues that customers encounter in their production flow.

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Innovative solutions

The starting point is always in-depth knowledge of the sector, from which the most innovative solutions are created. In order to make the relationship easier and more effective, Luperini Qualified Pharma Service provides its customers with I Machine: a technical information digital tool that helps the customer’s queries receive a response from the Service more quickly and effectively.

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Knowledge of the problems

The experience gained in the design and construction of highly customised machines and plants intended to cover a large part of the production cycle of the pharmaceutical industry makes Luperini Qualified Pharma Service the perfect interlocutor to solve the problems inherent in the production processes of its customers.

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Certified interventions

Aware of operating in an industrial environment strongly conditioned by stringent regulations, where every production tool must be certified, Luperini supports its customers with integrated services providing all the necessary documentation.

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Speed of intervention

The right balance between structure and dynamics: Luperini Qualified Pharma Service can rely on a structure with over 100 people and at the same time on the dynamism of a team that is always ready to adapt to the needs of its customers. This balance is skilfully coordinated by a management team that makes decisions from the front line on the basis of a competent vision that is constantly updated in the field.

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What we do for our customers

Luperini Qualified Pharma Service provides a range of highly qualified services to bring productivity, quality and reliability to its customers’ production flows. The areas of intervention are:


Upgrading and Revamping of existing system:

a highly specialised team works on the mechanical, electrical, software and pneumatic features of existing machines and systems. Numerous systems around the world have been upgraded by Luperini Qualified Pharma Service, which is able to provide all the necessary documentation to give a system a new lease of life.


Spare parts and components on our own machines and systems and on Zanchetta technologies:

the wealth of know-how developed over many years of experience gives strength to a spare parts and components service that can also design and rebuild worn parts to optimise customers’ investments and extend the life cycle of their machine fleets.


Technical consultancy on production processes:

thanks to synergistic cooperation with leading technical and academic partners, we are able to provide advice on numerous production issues in the pharmaceutical industry. We start with the customer’s needs and arrive at the best production solution.

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