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Since 2010 Luperini Group is a consolidated, dynamic and organized structure to interface with the pharmaceutical industry and other important sectors of industrial production.

Made in excellence made in Luperini

The three brands Luperini Tailored Pharma Machinery, Luperini Qualified Pharma Service and Luperini Qualified Tech & Service operate on a shared ground made of technological know-how, strong innovative drive, research of the highest quality of product and service, willingness to customize solutions.

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Luperini Brands dedicated to the pharma industry capitalize on the historical competence of a team with strong experience in this sector.

logo Luperini Tailored Pharma Machinery

Luperini – Tailored Pharma Machinery

The Tailored Pharma Machinery proposes customized technologies with great affordability and accuracy.

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logo Luperini Qualified Pharma Service

Luperini Qualified Pharma Service

Luperini Qualified Pharma Service gives a complete range of excellent services: revamping and validation of existing machines and installations, spare parts and consulting, as well as ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

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Luperini Qualified Tech & Service offers an articulated service activity for the integration, maintenance and installation of production plants for different industrial sectors, among which the Tissue one stands out.

logo Luperini Qualified Tech Service

Luperini – Qualified Tech Service

Thanks to a facility of 5000 sqm, Luperini Qualified Tech & Service is able to offer customers a highly qualified service of pre-assembly of plants as well as carry out inspections and tests to secure the customers’ investment.

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The I-Pharma Bin is designed and built according to the GMP standards for the containment of powders, granules and liquids.
The I-Pharma Bin is available in various versions: square, rectangular, fixed, or wheeled for easy handling. The I-Pharma Bin can be equipped with accessories for the containment and handling of liquids upon request.
Standard sizes from 3 to 2200 L, with 2500 to 3000 L versions available upon request. Designed with maximum attention to detail, it facilitates product unloading and prevents water from pooling during washing.

  • Standard design powder containers with a square layout. Custom containers available upon request. Transportable with manual or electric pallet trucks, forklifts, AGVs, etc.
  • Possibility of installing high containment valves for unloading and filling operations at risk of contamination.
  • Possibility of installing valves suitable for handling liquids.
  • Possibility of applying certified coatings to improve the product’s movement.
  • Manual and automatic butterfly valves for emptying powders and liquids.
  • Accessories available; label holders, barcode and QR code readers, numbering, tare weight, wheels, and other accessories available upon request.

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      • Surfaces meticulously designed to ensure better product movement and to prevent water from pooling during washing.
      • Durable design that allows the I-Pharma Bin to be mixed using the I-Tumbler.
      • Numerous customisation possibilities.
      • Food-grade silicone gaskets.
      • DN 400 lid in AISI 316L stainless steel, with handle, clamp closure, and safety pin to prevent accidental opening.
      • Guides for the use of electric or manual pallet trucks and forklifts.
      • Self-centring containment buckets for vertical storage in the warehouse.
      • Various valve models available for installation on the discharge.

      Material specifications

      PARTS IN CONTACT with the product made of certified AISI 316L stainless steel:

      • Lossy internal finish, Ra 0.5 micrometers.
      • Internal welds smoothed and polished to a Ra of 0.5 micrometers.


      • Body and support structure with satin finish.
      • Welds smoothed and ground to a Scotch-Brite finish.
      • Parts not in contact with the product made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

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